Calvin Harris Got A Cat?! – Meet Roy

Remember when there were articles about Calvin Harris being allergic to Taylor Swift’s cats because the media will write pretty much anything to start drama? Well not only was that not true, and Harris is a frequent cat sitter, but now he has one of his own! His name is Roy!

Roy isn’t exactly a kitten, but it’s pretty clear that Harris has quite the set up in his house for a cat. He has been posting snapchat videos and you can see an elaborate cat tree house in the background of one of them!

Enjoy this fan art of Calvin introducing Roy to Taylor! Maybe their cats will also fall in love!

 May they live meowily every after.

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter! See Taylor Swift’s First Tweet!


Of course it had to be about a cat!

The tweet was posted at 2:15am on December 6, 2008!

This was before Taylor Swift had her current cat’s Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, named after two of Swift’s favorite TV Shows!

What was your first tweet??

Taylor Swift Visited The House She Grew Up In!

Since Taylor Swift is in Pennyslvania for her best friend, Brit Maack‘s wedding she decided to visit her old house!

That’s right, Swift went to visit her old home and took a photo with the family who lives there now! Talk about a wild day! 

A family member shared this photo on twitter saying 

“My family lives at the house @taylorswift13 grew up in and she met them today.”

Swift must be feeling all kinds of nastalgia!