Maid Of Honor, Taylor Swift 

What a beautiful wedding for Taylor Swift‘s childhood best friend Brit Maack. See all the photos:


“New Romantics” Is Taylor Swift’s New Single!

Good news Swifties! “New Romantics” will be the 7th single released from 1989!


Full article:

“New Romantics” was offered as a bonus song on the deluxe version of 1989, which was originally available at Target. It was later released on iTunes and proved to be a fan favorite quickly. While radio stations have already started playing the track early on, the single will be added to Pop Radio on Tuesday, February 23.



Taylor Swift Visited The House She Grew Up In!

Since Taylor Swift is in Pennyslvania for her best friend, Brit Maack‘s wedding she decided to visit her old house!

That’s right, Swift went to visit her old home and took a photo with the family who lives there now! Talk about a wild day! 

A family member shared this photo on twitter saying 

“My family lives at the house @taylorswift13 grew up in and she met them today.”

Swift must be feeling all kinds of nastalgia! 

Watch Taylor Swift Win Album Of The Year At The GRAMMYs

Taylor Swift gave one of the most powerful speeches after winning Album Of The Year at the 2016 GRAMMYs. 1989 was by far the biggest album of the year. That is not an opinion, it is a fact. There was no other album that outsold it or created the social impact it did. It was even covered by an artist (Ryan Adams) in a completely different genre and put out on the market.

Singer Taylor Swift accepts the award for the Album of the Year onstage during the 58th Annual Grammy music Awards in Los Angeles February 15, 2016. AFP PHOTO/ ROBYN BECK / AFP / ROBYN BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)
Singer Taylor Swift accepts the award for the Album of the Year onstage during the 58th Annual Grammy music Awards in Los Angeles February 15, 2016. AFP PHOTO/ ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

1989 consistently stayed on the top 10 in iTunes, even a year after it’s release. There is no other album that had the year it had. Opinions aside on the type of music one prefers to listen to or the artist one loves. 1989 was the biggest album of the year.

The 2016 GRAMMYs solidified the year 1989 had by honoring Swift and her collaborators with Album Of The Year. This was Swift’s second time to win the honor and she became the first female to have ever received the honor twice! She is also the first artist this decade to receive two GRAMMYs for album of the year.WATCH TAYLOR SWIFT ACCEPT ALBUM OF THE YEAR


Seating Chart Revealed For GRAMMYs

Looks like BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez will be dancing next to each other at The GRAMMYs!

It’s unclear who Swift’s plus 1 will be as boyfriend, Calvin Harris has taken to his snapchat to say he’s done with awards shows. He goes on about how it’s Camo season and he will be watching from home. Although he doesn’t necessarily mention The GRAMMYs, it seems implied by the timing.

Will Swift persuade him to attend? Will she bring one of her BFFs? Maybe her Brother? Maybe her Mother?

Whoever she brings, we hope she has the time of her life!

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 30: Recording artist Taylor Swift (L) and actress Selena Gomez embrace during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic)

Gomez will be presenting at The GRAMMYs and hopes to present Swift with a win!

“No, [I don’t know which award I’m presenting]. I’m trying to do any of the awards Taylor [Swift] could be associated with.”

As far as what Swift will be performing. The verdict is still out. GRAMMY Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich shared”

“I don’t know if we’ve talked about what the song is or not. I don’t think we have and I’d rather not give it away, but she is gonna blow it out and it’s gonna rock the house.”

The GRAMMYs air Monday February 15th 2016 on CBS.

Why Kanye West Didn’t Make Taylor Swift Famous


Kanye West just debuted his new fashion line at Yeezy Season 3, as well as his new album which played during the fashion show. It’s probably a good thing Taylor Swift wasn’t in attendance as she has an actual GRAMMY performance to prepare for. Swift is up for 7 GRAMMY Awards for her record breaking album 1989, along with her massive hits “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood.”

How Taylor Swift Made Taylor Swift Famous

West decided that it was somehow in good taste for him to shame women in his new album. When does shaming anyone ever make the shamer look better? A bully is a bully is a bully and a bully bullies because they have issues in their own life which causes them to lash out.

Well Mr. West, when you decided it would be a good idea to use the following lyrics

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous.”
You not only disgraced Swift and your wife but you disgraced women- heck mankind everywhere.

Nobody ever owes anybody sex. Sex is not something that is owed and the people who view sex that way are abusers and rapists.

Let’s go back to the infamous 2009 VMAs where West decided that it would be in good taste to interrupt Swift while she was winning an award for Best Female Video.

Let me point out that Swift had already won—she beat Beyoncé. So I’m sorry Kanye, but your opinion about who had the better video was irrelevant. Swift was ALREADY winning an award. She did not receive your help in getting that award, or having a better video than Beyoncé. She did that all on her own.



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