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Photos: Taylor and Andrea Swift in NYC 09/16/16

Talk about mother/daughter goals. It’s so nice to see such a strong friendship between Taylor Swift and her mother Andrea!


So glad to see them both doing so well! It looks there was a meeting taking place as several others walked out of the building as well. Maybe talking about renovations for Swift’s apartment? Maybe other exciting plans!

We are loving the vertical stripes on Swift! Take a look at the photos below!


Photos: Taylor Swift In Nashville 

Taylor Swift was in Nashville Thursday to surprise fans at the Taylor Swift Education Center! She heard a particular fan was going to be in Nashville and she wanted the chance to say hi! Swift is frequently on social media interacting with fans so when the opportunity to arose to meet up with one, she took it!

Swift’s Education Center is located inside the Country Music Hall Of Fame and has been a wonderful addition to the building! Take a look at the candid photos, it looks like they could cover a magazine!!

Photos: Taylor And Austin Swift Out In Los Angeles 05/12/16

Taylor Swift is always surround by her family! It’s actually commendable for her to constantly be including her younger brother, Austin in all of her activities. They often travel to the same cities together and even overseas when Taylor has been on tour!
Although we don’t see much of him here in the photos, Austin is accompany Taylor on a night out in Los Angeles. Austin is making quite a name for himself as well as he has been acting in movies recently! This is one unstoppable family!




Photos: Taylor And Austin Swift- Happy National Siblings Day!

Variety Beat

How can you not love Taylor Swift and her younger brother Austin Swift? They both had their awkward phases but have grown up to be the most beautiful people to ever bless this planet!

Who doesn’t love a throwback to childhood photos?!

Seriously, there is all kinds of cuteness happening! In honor of National Siblings Day, we present you a photo gallery of some adorable moments between Taylot and Austin.

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