Photos: Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston In Italy!

Gosh, could Taylor Swift  and Tom Hiddleston be any more #CoupleGoals? But seriously thought!! They have spent the last couple of days in Rome, Italy doing all kinds of tourist like things! It’s so great because a lot of times when celebs are in other countries for work they don’t always have a lot of time to just see the sights!!

Photos: Taylor Swift Meets Tom Hiddleston’s Mom!

Social media is referring to it as their “Tour Of Love” and we couldn’t agree more! First the USA, Then England and now Italy! Where will they go next?

We do know that Hiddleston will be leaving for Australia soon for a new movie! Maybe love will take them both there!

DAY 1 Photos: Included a walk through the Colosseum- the couple even took photos of each other!, Lunch where the two played footsie and Hiddleston kissed her hand!

Day 2 Photos – Include a helicopter ride!!


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