Photos: Taylor Swift Wearing Her Anniversary Locket And Camo = True Love

They say once you’ve been with someone for so long you start to look like each other. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are both extremely tall and good looking human beings. From the very beginning they often times dressed like each other.

We may never know if it was just great minds thinking alike or carefully planned, we like to think of it as fate.


Harris is known for his love of Camo. He often snapchats himself in Camo saying “it’s Camo season!”

It seems that love has rubbed off on Swift as she has been sporting a   Saint Laurent Camouflage Hunter Jacket lately! The best part is, she paired it with the anniversary locket Harris got her for their 1 year anniversary! If that’s not true love, I don’t know what it.

Swift was grabbing lunch with Victoria Secret Angel Lily Aldridge in Malibu, CA.


Swift was recently named a finalist at the Billboard Music Awards airing May 22. You can check out her 8 finalist categories here.


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