Video: Taylor Swift Defines Maid Of Honor Goals

The most beautiful bride!

Variety Beat

Be right back, Taylor Swift walking down the aisle is giving me major feels! Swift was recently the Maid Of Honor in her childhood best friend’s wedding.

In a moving Maid Of Honor speech she says that throughout her life, and all of her accomlishments, the one thing that has remained the same is them. ❤️

Swift and her mom were at the rehearsal dinner.

Swift dancing the night away with small children… Brb more feels.
Being able to stand by her best friend, made Swift such a happy Maid of Honor!

They did it! Celebrating a successful wedding!

Swift again could be found on the dance floor during the reception.
She even joined the band on stage when they were singing “Shake It Off” and went on to perform a couple songs for the crowd!

Talk about Maid Of Honor goals! Watch the touching video of the beautiful bride!…

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